Welcome to Living Earth Gardens, I'm Stephen Berry, the owner. Based in Vallejo and Benicia, I design and install beautiful, mindful, environmentally friendly gardens, with my work often taking me to the East Bay and Napa Valley areas of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

As a landscape designer, I always aim to bring my clients into the creative process as fully as possible, so that each garden is special and unique.  After all, my goal is to help you envision your dream garden.  As a licensed contractor, I pride myself on bringing these ideas to life with a rigorous attention to detail, personally engaged in the entire installation, using sustainable techniques whenever possible.

I specialize in ecologically friendly landscapes.  What does that mean?  It means you'll often find me doing such things as: planting urban meadows, creating bird, butterfly, and bee habitat, removing lawns, making children's nature gardens, and planting fruit trees and other edibles.  My gardens are commonly drought tolerant and full of life, bursting with color in Spring and Summer, calm and full of natural greys and greens in the late Fall and Winter.

Step by step, we’ll build a vision together that harmonizes your desires with the natural attributes of your garden. With an eye on the health of the planet, we can transform your current yard into that living, thriving, vibrant oasis that you’ve been dreaming about.