On-site Consultation-

Each design begins with an on-site consultation, where we examine the space and you express your ideas. This stage is really about you— what your garden is like now and what you dream it could be. Bring pictures of dreamscapes, your imagination, and anyone in your household who wants to contribute. I'll bring questions that will help us focus on the eventual purposes and aesthetics of the space.

Is outdoor entertaining a "must have?" Do you want the garden to express spiritual concepts or religous motifs?  Interested in ecological lawn alternatives?  What about fruit trees, or humming bird and butterfly habitat?

Phased Refinements-

At this initial consultation, or soon thereafter, I'll take measurements, detail current hardscapes and plantings, and assess what can be repurposed in the new concept. Later, I'll present the first phase of the design, and we'll begin the process of making refinements and building a vision together. My sensitivity is not just to the space but also to your ideas, desires, and budget. A garden should be a thing of joy not a burden, so I'll ensure that you're satisfied with the design and scope of the project before we ever break ground.

Installation and Onwards-

As a landscape contractor, I install my own designs, in most cases. However, design and installation are handled separately. As such, each step does not need to follow immediately on the other. Instead, that decision making process can be dictated by your needs and schedule.

Finally, as human beings, we also sometimes change our minds. Creating something is often an organic, non-linear experience, and it’s hard to conceive of everything on paper. Good ideas emerge as we interact with the space, and each other, more and more. This is why the plan is meant as a roadmap of intention, rather than a rigid set of rules to follow. Small changes, which can easily be incorporated into the overall design, are part of the process and are free of charge. Substantial changes will incur an hourly rate. Still, anything is possible, even after we’ve broken ground. My final goal, above all else, is to help you create a garden you’re in love with, to help you understand what that special something is that you’re looking for, andto make it real for you.  That’s often expressed in the details.